Earthbind® 100 is Available in the United States and Internationally

Dust control and maintenance of unpaved roads is a significant concern in many locations throughout the United States (and even Hawaii and Alaska) and various locations around the globe including parts of South America, Africa, and Europe. When fugitive dust particles are released into the air they can pose safety hazards, impair visibility, and potentially cause respiratory distress. Some agencies,... read more »

Earthbind® 100 Remains in an Unpaved Roadbed Longer than Chloride-Based Agents

When calcium chloride and magnesium chloride based dust control agents first came into use, they were perceived as a cost-effective alternative to water truck delivery for controlling dust on unpaved roads. After all, water trucks required extensive man hours, available water resources, and often multiple applications each week during excessively dry conditions. As time went by, these chloride-based dust control... read more »

EnviRoad® Offers Ecologically Friendly Soil Stabilization Solutions

Civil engineers, municipalities, and construction companies have long appreciated the value of soil stabilizers to secure a road bed and extend the life of an eventual paving project. At the same time, many regions also appreciate ecologically friendly solutions that can also be cost effective at stabilizing aggregate materials. This has driven EnviRoad® to develop the ecologically friendly and cost-effective... read more »

Earthbind® 100 Is a Cost-Effective Dust Control and Base Stabilization Agent

Dust control abatement on unpaved roads and road construction projects can sometimes carry significant overhead costs. At the same time, dust control and base stabilization are important safety measures that can contribute to the success of a road work project. To answer this need cost efficiently, EnviRoad® has specially formulated Earthbind® 100. This is a modified biopolymer that often proves... read more »

EBS-RA by EnviRoad® Is an Ecological Alternative to Volatile Organic Compounds

In recent years, new rules and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency have cast increased scrutiny on the use of volatile organic compounds. As a result, many ecologically minded paving contractors, municipalities, and reclamation projects have been looking for cost-effective alternatives. To answer this industry demand, EnviRoad® has developed their special ESB-RA asphalt emulsion. This is an ecologically friendly... read more »

EnviRoad®’s Environmentally-Friendly Business Philosophy Makes Our Products Effective & Cost Effective

Since EnviRoad®'s parent company's inception in 1973, Blue Line Transportation has strived to keep our finger on the pulse of the road works and transportation industries. Throughout the course of the 1970s, our parent company hauled and applied chloride and lignin-based dust control agents for the Forest Service all throughout the Pacific Northwest. As the years rolled by, we continued... read more »