Earthbind® Prime Coat as an Alternative to Asphalt Cutback

In the past, asphalt cutback was used to help prepare a roadbed before paving. Unfortunately, this admixture of asphalt cement and petroleum solvent could often prove hazardous to the local environment. This could be especially disconcerting if seasonal rainfall caused the asphalt cutback to wash out into the local watershed. Not only could this lead to pollution concerns, significant rainfall... read more »

EnviRoad’s Dust Control and Base Stabilization Products Are Available Internationally

Countries, municipalities and corporations around the globe continue to become more ecologically conscious. Not only does this apply to technology and product manufacturing, it also includes lessening the impact of hazardous chemicals on the environment. Many rural and developing areas throughout the world rely on people, goods and services that are transported on unpaved roads. Fugitive dust, potholes and other... read more »

Earthbind® Prime Coat Will Not Be Water Soluble

The success of many paving projects relies on effective base stabilization and preservation of unpaved surfaces. When a roadbed is compromised or erodes from frequent rainfall or seasonal weather changes, it can cause significant problems which can incur significant costs. Forming a stable matrix of aggregate rock and soil particles help to firm the roadbed to maintain its lifespan or... read more »

Addressing Environmental Regulations Helps with Road Construction and Maintenance Efficiency

EnviRoad® started in the early 1970’s selling, hauling, and distributing dust control products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Working with the Forest Service we helped to spread lignin and magnesium chloride dust abatement products on unpaved roads throughout the region. Eventually, this led to us branching out to service municipal locations all around the world. During the 1980’s the American social... read more »

EnviRoad® Offers Several Ecologically Friendly Road Construction and Maintenance Products

EnviRoad® and its parent company have had an active and ever-growing presence in the road construction and road maintenance industries in the Pacific Northwest since 1973. Throughout the 1970’s, we developed strong relationships with many area municipalities, providing and applying dust abatement agents. At that time, we supplied a large amount of lignin and magnesium chloride products for the Forest... read more »

A Stable Aggregate Matrix Improves Base Stabilization

Base stabilization is an important element for the success of many paving projects. A weak or otherwise compromised aggregate roadbed can invite a host of problems. In larger projects, where weather might be a factor, an unstable base can cause erosion complications. This often results in increased repair and maintenance costs before the area can be properly paved. Later, the... read more »

Unpaved Roads Often Need Ecologically Friendly Treatment Measures

The Pacific Northwest is crisscrossed with a massive network of unpaved roads. The varying weather conditions in the region often means that different roads have widely different maintenance needs. To that end, EnviRoad® offers a range of ecologically friendly, road treatment products based on our Earthbind®-modified biopolymer base. A road in a dry region often needs dust-control measures in Summer... read more »

EnviRoad® Offers Base Stabilizers for Unpaved Roads

A stable roadbed not only provides convenience and longevity to the road, but it is also a cost-saving measure against future maintenance. Unpaved aggregate roads tend to develop subtle changes with weather, season and use. Frequent rainstorms can result in roadbed erosion while dry conditions can increase hazardous dust levels on the roadbed. EnviRoad® offers base-stabilization products like Earthbind® Stabilizer... read more »

Better Base Stabilization with Earthbind® Prime Coat

The use of a prime coat is common in many bituminous pavement projects. A prime coat is meant to protect the subgrade road bed from the effects of water, excess moisture and weathering. Any significant moisture in the subgrade affects its strength and integrity. This can lead directly to early degradation of the road surface, or even outright failure. When... read more »

Enviroad’s Earthbind for Base Stabilization

Proper base stabilization is absolutely essential for the long term maintenance of unpaved roads. Base stabilization reduces the maintenance required to repair damage caused by traffic and weather. This helps to reduce costs for blading and gravel replacement, while also limiting the number of time you need to divert road traffic for maintenance, and the labor costs associated with it.... read more »